Top 5 best bread makers – ranking 2019

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Breadmaker can not only make bread! Do you want a loaf or a cake? And this wonderful machine can make jam. The most important thing is to choose the desired model.

Below are the models of bread makers, which became the leaders of sales last year. What do consumers choose and how do they speak about their kitchen assistants?

Gorenje BM900 W

Gorenje BM900W

The Gorenje BM900 W bread machine is made in white plastic and has a viewing window in the lid to observe the baking process.

The form with teflon coating is designed for baking up to 900 g. The model has 12 built-in automatic programs. Many housewives will like the choice of the color of the crust of the finished bread – from light golden to rich dark.

The device has a simple push-button control, and all selected modes and the remaining time are displayed on a small display. With a power of 600 W, the BM900 W is energy efficient and provides a wide field for culinary experiments.

In addition, the Gorenje BM900 W bread maker supports the function of delayed start and the mode of supporting the heat of the finished bread or dessert.

A good choice if you are looking for a reliable breadmaker with a variety of functions at an affordable price.

Dex DBM-707

Dex DBM-707

The stylish bread maker in a metal insulated body Dex DBM-707 has 11 cooking programs, including the “standard set”, as well as modes of French bread, jam, whole grain bread and super fast baking.

The kit comes with a measuring cup, measuring spoon and a book for 41 recipes. Control in the DBM-707 touch, there is a LCD-display and interior lighting. The model consumes 615 W / h and is designed for loaves and pastries weighing up to 900 g.

Of the additional functions – the choice of the color of the crust, delaying the start up to 13 hours, maintaining heat after baking. Dex DBM-707 will be a good helper for a family of several people, in which bread and various pastries will be prepared daily.

Philips HD9016 / 30

Did you know that in the bread maker you can not only bake fresh and crisp bread, dessert pastries or make fruit jams? In Philips HD9016 / 30, you can still cook homemade yogurts – there is an extra container with a lid for easy storage. Total model has 12 cooking modes.

With a power of 600 W, the bread maker allows you to bake loaves of two sizes (750 g and 1 kg) and adjust the color and quality of the crust. Conveniently, when mixing the dough, you can add additional ingredients – a sound indication tells you when it can be done.

HD9016-30 keeps baking warm for an hour after the end of the program and supports delaying the start up to 13 hours.

Remarkably, the breadmaker works quietly – the noise level is less than 65 dB. If you want to get hot fresh bread for breakfast and use a delayed start, then the quiet operation of the device will not disturb the sleep of the household.

If your family has all supporters of healthy homemade food and personally prepared products, then Philips HD9016 / 30 will help to simplify not only baking homemade bread, but also making natural homemade yogurt and healthy jams and jams. By preparing these essential everyday products you can always be confident in their quality and benefits.

Of the minuses it can be noted that when kneading a very steep dough, sometimes there can be flour in the corners of the mold. But this can be avoided by making the consistency of the dough softer or by manually mixing the flour with a silicone spatula.

Panasonic SD-2511WTS


Roomy family bread maker Panasonic SD-2511WTS allows you to adjust the weight of the loaves and bake bread from 0.6 to 1.25 kg. In addition, the model will appeal to supporters of a healthy diet – you can bake gluten-free and gluten-free bread in it according to a special program.

For the convenience of adding additional components in the SD-2511 has a special dispenser.

Cooking modes in model 14, and power consumption – 550 watts. In addition to the already familiar “Jam” program, you can cook compotes or fruit drinks with equal success. The breadmaker has a 13-hour delay timer and a memory reserve for power outages up to 10 minutes.

The disadvantages include the height of the device and the absence of a viewing window on the lid.

A model with a large useful volume will be useful for a large family, especially if a healthy lifestyle is its motto.

Kenwood BM450

Kenwood BM450

From our “top” the Kenwood BM450 turned out to be the most powerful and universal – it consumes 750 watts and has 15 built-in programs and 5 additional programs that you can program yourself. In addition, the BM450 looks very stylish and modern – a metal case with a glass cover and a touch control panel.

For the convenience of monitoring the baking process, there is a viewing window on the lid and an interior light, which turns on when you need to check at what stage the future loaf is and turns off automatically after 60 seconds.

On the display you can not only observe the remaining cooking time, but also thanks to the indicators you can track at what stage the dough is.

The model additionally has an automatic dispenser for additives for 125 g.

The built-in timer will delay the start of work up to 15 hours and up to 1 kg of bread or baking is prepared in the BM450 at a time.

A feature of the model was convection baking, through which heat is evenly distributed over the entire area of ​the dough and allows you to achieve the perfect “blush” even from above.

To sum up, the car – just perfect. Reliable, convenient, thought out to the smallest detail, with a bunch of features and programs that can be added to your liking. One downside is the price is high.

Choosing a bread machine, relying entirely on a particular brand, does not make sense: in the rulers of even the most famous manufacturers come across unsuccessful solutions.

There are advantages to buying branded devices:

  • developed a service network;
  • user support in a telephone or online mode;
  • long warranty service;
  • availability of necessary spare parts in case of breakage.

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