The Best Smartwatches You Can Buy for Android

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Using a smartphone on the move is not always convenient, playing sports and do not hold hands with the owners of devices with a large screen diagonal.

 In order to solve this problem, manufacturers have started the production of a new class of portable electronics. The rating of the best smart watches of 2017-2018 will help you understand the still young sphere of mobile devices.

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier

Display: Super AMOLED, 1.3 inches;
The accumulator: 380 mAh;
Protection from moisture: IP68;
Weight: 63g.
The S3 Frontier is designed in a classic style. A round case with a properly chosen dial interface and strap will look great both with a strict suit and with everyday clothes. The watch’s display is protected by a solid Corning Gorilla Glass SR + glass. The Super AMOLED Matrix provides the brightest colors possible at such a small resolution.

The information displayed on the screen can be adjusted for you. S3 will show the normal dial or other useful information in the form of the passed steps. The clock works in tandem with the Android smartphone, while the amount of its RAM should be at least 1.5 GB. The device is equipped with a full set of functions like a calendar, alerts, a health tracker and third-party applications. Also, the S3 can be used as a wireless headset for making calls.

A couple of hours of sports a day will discharge the battery of the accessory in about two days. Moderate use of functions will extend this indicator for another two days. Conclusion: S3 Frontier – an excellent replacement for a fitness bracelet and a good addition to the modern Android smartphone.

Samsung Gear S3 Classic

Samsung Gear S3 Classic

Display: Super AMOLED, 1.3 inches;
The accumulator: 380 mAh;
Protection from moisture: IP68;
Weight: 59 g.
The differences between the versions of Frontier and Classic are minimal. The first version supports eSIM-cards and has a slightly different design. The Classic model is more oriented to the usual not too sporty user. Almost the entire watch case is made of metal, only the rear part with sensors is made of plastic.

The screen of the device is protected by a quality oleophobic coating. The brightness of Super AMOLED is enough for a comfortable viewing of information in sunny weather. The display reacts to the slightest touch, you can even work with the clock in gloves. The battery life is 3-4 days in normal mode.

The operating system Tizen 2.3.2 was developed individually for this model, so in Classic there are functions not found in the standard Android Wear. By analogy with Frontier, the clock can be used to talk with the person during the call. Supports GPS, GLONASS and NFC module. The only downside – the last chip does not always work correctly. In general, S3 Classic is one of the best multifunctional assistants on the market.

Huawei Watch 2

Display: AMOLED, 1.2 inches, 390 × 390;
Battery: 420 mAh;
Protection from moisture: IP68;
Weight: 47 g (without strap);
The attitude of Huawei to the production of smart watches is very ambiguous. The Chinese took into account the mistakes in Huawei Watch of the first generation, and a completely new development appeared before us. The watches run on the Android Wear 2.0 axis, they have 4 Snapdragon Wear 2100 core processors at 1.1 GHz, 4 GB of internal and 768 MB of RAM.

The accessory can be synced with Android and iOS. Voice control of applications is supported. On the back side there are sensors of the heart rate monitor and a pedometer. The number of built-in modules here is noticeably higher than in the first generation of watches – with Huawei Classic you can surf the Internet and use GPS without pairing with a smartphone.

The new lithium-polymer battery holds a charge for about 24 hours, there is an improved class of protection against moisture IP68, so that the accessory can be tested for strength. It is offered in 2 versions, with a wide range of straps (from silicone to leather). A good choice for both the athlete and the businessman.

Xiaomi Huami Amazfit Watch

Display: LCD, 34 inches;
Battery: 280 mAh;
Protection from moisture: IP67;
Weight: 53.7.
The development and production of Amazfit Watch is carried out by the subsidiary company Xiaomi Huami. If the Chinese fitness bracelets and found some success in the market, then this watch came out a very controversial product. They are calculated on the position in the budget segment of purely sporting goods. This corresponds to the appearance of the accessory, with a jacket it will look ridiculous.

The first noticeable drawback is a poor-quality LCD matrix. Considering the image on the screen is very difficult in bright sun, and the picture itself looks dull. In the energy-saving mode, the display is locked, displaying only the time, the number of steps and the current battery charge. The battery here, though not very voluminous, but works for five days.

Xiaomi Amazfit supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS navigation. In the settings, it is possible to adjust the vibration level. Conclusion: a worthy competitor in the budget segment. The accessory brings only a poor-quality matrix and bugs in the firmware.

Xiaomi Amazfit Bip
Xiaomi Amazfit Bip

Display: Reflective, 1.28 inches;
Battery: 200 mAh;
Protection from moisture: IP68;
Weight: 32 g. With strap
Here, the evolution of the brand in the production path of a smart watch is clearly traced. The first thing that deserves attention is the autonomy of the accessory. The display resembles those used in electronic books, which ensures extremely low battery consumption. On it you can read everything in the light, and in the dark you will have to use the illumination. By the way, with a minimum backlight level, the clock can work up to 40 days in stand-alone mode. However, ease of execution creates limitations: although you can view notifications, you can not install third-party applications, just like you can manage a smartphone with a clock.

Contrary to some shortcomings, Amazfit Bip has all the functions necessary for the athlete. Like any Xiaomi product, it’s an inexpensive accessory, and with a long battery life you’ll generally forget how charging looks like. The display of Gorilla Glass 3 protects against minor scratches and surface damage, and the IP68 protection standard allows them to be used in all weather conditions. If you order a watch from China, be prepared that the interface language will be Chinese. This problem is solved by installing English firmware.

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