How To Pick The Right Watering System For Your Yard

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Few people enjoy the daily watering the lawn near the house with a hose. Yes, and the quality of such irrigation can be argued. With this, automatic watering can help you.

Automatic Lawn Watering – Types Of Systems

Automatic watering the lawn is a solution that not only takes care of the quality irrigation of the lawn, but also significantly reduces the time-consuming lawn care. The automatic irrigation system can be smart – you can set the irrigation program for a long time in advance. In addition, additional sensors will make it flexible and allow you to change the irrigation settings, depending on the weather. Thus, the owner of the dacha can safely leave the site for some time under the care of the auto-irrigation system. Sprinkling is best for lawn and lawn irrigation.

Looking at a wide variety of irrigation equipment (primarily irrigators), sprinkling can also be of different types:

  • Oscillation. Oscillatory sprinklers are a small tube with a large number of holes. Through them, water is pumped under pressure. This method of irrigation is well suited for lawns and lawns of large sizes.
  • Rotary. For this type of irrigation used rotary sprinklers, the main component of which is a rotating head. The convenience of this method of irrigation is that the irrigation radius is adjustable by the user. Thus, rotary sprinklers are suitable for watering areas of various sizes.
  • Fan. Fan sprinklers are no less convenient to use – the range of their work is also regulated, which makes them versatile and suitable for lawns of different areas. The most effective this type of sprinklers will be in areas without height differences.
  • Pulsating. This method of sprinkling is characterized by the supply of water by one directed stream. Pulsating sprinklers can be used on the site with other sprinklers. It is well suited for small areas, and its main advantage is the adjustable angle of irrigation – which means that this method of irrigation can be used at the corners of the section.

Microgiving Differs gentle and gentle way of irrigation. Watering is carried out by thin streams that are not capable of damaging even the most fragile plants. Suitable for combined areas, where the lawns are flower beds. In addition, micro-sprinkling is suitable for watering the garden and will be particularly effective with the use of mulch.

Recently, retractable sprinklers have become very popular in arranging lawn irrigation systems. Their peculiarity is that they appear only during operation over the surface of the earth, and then descend again. Such sprinklers do not affect the appearance of the site, do not interfere with the free movement on the lawn. Not sliding sprinklers are constantly above the ground.

Lawn watering can be carried out by one of these methods or their combination. Each of them has its own characteristics and will be effective for watering lawns. Learn more about how to choose automatic watering here.

Automatic Lawn Watering – System Management

Watering lawns will be as efficient as possible with a good control system. The main components of the irrigation management system are:

  • Remote Control. This device allows you to adjust the frequency, frequency and duration of watering. In addition, the console allows you to customize the irrigation of the entire area, both simultaneously and its individual zones.
  • Additional sensors. The control panel can additionally be equipped with a variety of sensors. With their help, the system becomes sensitive to changes in the weather and can independently adjust the irrigation program. For example, a rain sensor will stop watering the area during precipitation.

Automatic control makes the system an independent organism that practically does not need human control. With good automatic control, the site owner can leave the system unattended for a certain time, being sure that the lawn has remained under reliable supervision. Thus, the modern market offers a huge amount of lawn irrigation equipment. To ensure that the system is as efficient as possible, it is worthwhile to ensure that the equipment and irrigation control system are of high quality and reliable.

To choose the optimal irrigation system for the site, we recommend that you contact the experts for advice.

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