Should You Get a Robot Vacuum?

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Ever since robot vacuums first hit the market at the turn of the century, their popularity has been growing consistently. In 2019, there are millions of robot vacuum systems being sold worldwide, and as technology improves, the numbers will only go higher.

For many, the words robot vacuum and Roomba have become one and the same. The units on the market today have much higher intelligence and functionality that the original models. Today, the higher end versions even offer features like smart-navigation (so it doesn’t fall off stairs), Wi-Fi connectivity and a plethora of cleaning configurations. But are they worth all the hype? Read More

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Top 5 best bread makers – ranking 2019

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Breadmaker can not only make bread! Do you want a loaf or a cake? And this wonderful machine can make jam. The most important thing is to choose the desired model.

Below are the models of bread makers, which became the leaders of sales last year. What do consumers choose and how do they speak about their kitchen assistants? Read More

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How To Pick The Right Watering System For Your Yard

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Few people enjoy the daily watering the lawn near the house with a hose. Yes, and the quality of such irrigation can be argued. With this, automatic watering can help you.

Automatic Lawn Watering – Types Of Systems

Automatic watering the lawn is a solution that not only takes care of the quality irrigation of the lawn, but also significantly reduces the time-consuming lawn care. The automatic irrigation system can be smart – you can set the irrigation program for a long time in advance. In addition, additional sensors will make it flexible and allow you to change the irrigation settings, depending on the weather. Thus, the owner of the dacha can safely leave the site for some time under the care of the auto-irrigation system. Sprinkling is best for lawn and lawn irrigation. Read More

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Audio Interfaces for 2018

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One of the main problems for beginners in the field of computer sound is the choice of a sound card. Of course, much depends on this choice, and today we will tell you what the sound cards are for, and also present the models that are in demand today for any hearing. Audio interfaces. Guide to the claimed sound cardsю Sound, sound card, audio interface – this is all the name of the device, which has certain features. Understand the main. Read More

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The Best Smartwatches You Can Buy for Android

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Using a smartphone on the move is not always convenient, playing sports and do not hold hands with the owners of devices with a large screen diagonal.

 In order to solve this problem, manufacturers have started the production of a new class of portable electronics. The rating of the best smart watches of 2017-2018 will help you understand the still young sphere of mobile devices.

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Oppo R15 and R15 Dream Mirror

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The Chinese company Oppo introduced two new smartphones, R15 and R15 Dream Mirror . The most noticeable in them was the cutout at the top of the screen, typical for the iPhone X, announced in September 2017. According to rumors, this design promises to become very popular in 2018 – it is attributed to such future models as Chinese OnePlus 6 , Vivo V9 , Huawei P20 (recently announced version P20 Lite with the same cutout), as well as South Korean LG G7 . Read More

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